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OneHelpDesk is a software for municipality help desks, making all relative information available in one place for people.
OnePortal Committee - a Web portal for committee members, providing access to files and individual cases, all year, 24/7.
OneCalendar a who’s where systems that is built on Microsoft systems and Web interface or intergation into Outlook mail client.

OneHrm - Human Resource Management System

OneHrm StarfsmannakerfiOneHrm - Human Resource Management System

What is OneHrm?
OneHrm is an addition to OneCRM. OneHrm is a Human resource management system which enables companies to create records and registration for several things about their employees and documents for employees in a secure area in the system. OneHrm takes hold of varius registration about employees of all information as age, birthdays, family information, next of kin, job position/title, pictures of employees, employee interview, , training schedule, terms of service, certification, length of service, sex, age, carrier history, access to read or edit, accessrights to differend systems, background, next superior, , deputy, date of engagement, job growth, evaluation, courses and training, cost for training, diplomas and education, educational/training planning, work planning, work description, qualifications, work development plans, contracts, job applications, and all information can be set to be access controlled to only, Hrm manager or Hrm department, OneHrm can be integrated to payroll systems/salary systems and e.t.c. OneHRM is directly connected to Microsoft Active Directory users regestry so registration of employees and user can be done in the OneHrm system as a single point of registration of employees for 4 different views, as 1) OneHrm management system, 2) Intranet for employees view and also a list directly to the 3) internet/extranet/web and for 4) Microsoft Active Directory user registration. OneHrm also can register users/employees to commities and workgroups and register their role in meetings. Varius of registrations can be easily added to the OneHrm system, depending on the customers needs. Registration of access control, registration of employees work environment as car, keys, access card, access rights to different systems in the company, contacts to external suppliers.

OneHrm features?
  • Easy overview of employees documents, contracts, shedules.
  • OneHrm uppfyllir lög og reglur um utanumhald starfsmannaskráa og reglur um skjalaskil til Þjóðskjalasafns.
  • Single point of registration of employees list to the Hrm, Web and User registry of the network and Intranet.
  • Phone list, access control list, Easy to import and scan in documents.
  • Connects to Microsoft Office e.g. Word, Excel Outlook etc.
  • Supports security on every document (Item level security).
  • Easy to customize, adapt and change.

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OneHrm Starfsmannakerfi
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Client: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
Server: Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server or higher, MS SQL 2005 or higher, Exchange 2000 SP3, IIS 5.0 or higher. MSXML3.0 SP2 or higher.

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