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OneRecords is a Records management system making it possible to create categories for files and documents.
OnePortal Self-service - OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, better service for citizens, all year 24/7.
OneMeeting for booking meetings and meeting places and sending out requests to meeting members in a simple way at one place.

OneCalendar - Who's where? System

OneCalendar ViðverukerfiOneCalendar - Who's where? System

What is OneCalendar?
OneCalendar is a who’s where systems that is built up on Microsoft operating systems and Web interface or intergation into Microsoft Outlook mail client and is a addition to OneCrm. OneCalendar is a systems the enables employees to register where they are at each time and have all the nessasary information about the employee accessible in the sytems. The systems overview can register and display all meetings that are registerd in Outlook Calendar in a clear overview and display overview of allt meeting rooms and resources such as projector, and other equipment needed for a meeting. It is possible to send information direcly to a employee from OneCalendar. Also the employee can “Punch” out for shorter trips that are not registered in the Outlook Calendar. It is possilbe to have the who’s where list in a Web interface or intergrated into Outlook or both.

OneCalendarWhy OneCalendar?
OneCalendar can save a lot of time for PBX telephone andswering and reaching people by phone, so that the people at the switchboard does not need to send unnessasary time on chasing after people to the phone and the systems makes it pretty clear where staff is located, sick at home, on a meeting, when they will be back from a meeting, outside the company, or occupied indoors at the company.

For who is OneCalendar?
OneCalendar fits very well to all companies, institutes and munipacilites that want to see at all times the location of there employees and when they are available.
  • OneCalendar makes it easier for managment and organisers of projects and tasks to see who is “in” and who is “out” of the office, and who is avilable at all times.
  • OneCalendar helps the people at the switchboard to andswer to customers and incomming calls, becouse the systems shows who is occupied and who is available for to take a incomming phonecall.
  • OneCalendar can be in a Web interfaace or Outlook or both.
  • List in OneCalendar can be set to “Private” or “Open” regarding the issue of a meeting or schedule”.
  • It is easy to intergrate other systems into OneCalendar.
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