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OneRecords is a Records management system making it possible to create categories for files and documents.
OnePortal Self-service - OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, better service for citizens, all year 24/7.
OneCrm SQL
OneCrm SQL Enterprise is a record and file system built on Microsoft™ techology, running on the latest SQL Server technology.


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The software of OneSystems is designed and developed by the newest technology to run smoothly with all the main setup of software and industry standards. With XML technology our systems modules can interact between each other or with 3rd party software solutions without setting up special software. We prodly build our solutions on Microsoft software platforms as; Windows 2000 - 2008 server, Microsoft SQL 2005+ Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 and Internet Explorer 6.0/8.0 or newer. We specialist in scalable allaround solutions. Our systems use "Single Logon" IWA - Intergrated Windows Authentication to login to the software. Our systems are working really well with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoting and Outlook. Also we support OpenOffice suite wich is a free and open software.

Our scalable solutions can help companies and institutes to lower their cost and risk by startin small and growing bigger in an easy way all according to situation at each time.

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Europe's leading companies using XML technology to expand software offerings for the Microsoft platform, including consultancy andservice. Our goal is to provide complete information technology solutions, which our customers can benefit from. One Systems staffconsists of employees with considerable experience and expertise in the IT sector. The company is built on close collaboration among the staffas well as positive relations with our customers.
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